Support: General Issues and Questions

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  • How can I be sure that my data will not fall in the wrong hands?
  • Can the IRS or the government subpeona my files?
  • I can no longer access my free account?
  • What is an encyrption key?
  • Is my password the same as my encryption key?
  • How can I find out how much space I am using on Rhinoback?
  • How can I see a list of the files I have backed up?
  • I have forgotten my password.
  • Why does Rhinoback need my email address?
  • Does Rhinoback charge me for restores?
  • Does Rhinoback count my original file size against my storage allotment, or does it count the compressed file size?
  • Is Rhinoback compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley act?
  • How much will Rhinoback compress my data?
  • What operating systems does Rhinoback support?

Solutions and answers can be found at: Support Knowledge Base