" Rhinoback has saved important data for us on three separate occasions. Their offsite backup solution is extremely effective!"
- Chief Operating Officer, Atlanta GA

Secure online data backup for business and

When Security and Reliability are Critical!

Rhinoback is a professional grade online data backup service. 100% secure and private data backup and recovery for critical business data.

Secure Online Backup Service

  • Accounting data
  • Confidential records
  • Medical records
  • Customer information
  • Credit card data
  • Personal files

Safe and secure backup and storage for critical data that is too sensitive for consumer-grade backup systems. 24x7x365 availability. Even our own engineers and technicians don't have the ability to decrypt your data.

Rhinoback is not the typical consumer-grade online backup service. All Rhinoback plans provide the same security and controls over your data as large corporations have. Your data is stored in encrypted form and you control the access. You have complete control over schedules and retention polices. Rhinoback was designed to provide professional offsite data backup for businesses that require high security. Low cost plans are available for home office and small businesses.

Other backup systems do not offer the same level of protection against virtually any disaster. Now is the time take advantage of online data backup and recovery technology and get 100% safe and reliable offsite backups with almost no effort.

Redundant Protection

When your data is backed-up using Rhinoback secure online data backup services, your data is actually stored in 2 completely separate secure offsite data centers. Twice the protection for the same price. You backup once, and a second backup copy is automatically created for extra protection.